• Take Total Control Of Your ActiveX Deployment

    • We provide the tools and infrastructure to allow you to specify which ActiveX Controls are allowed in your enterprise.
    • We can host your controls and delivery them to your clients via a private secure SSL connection even if the webpage is pointing your users to a 3rd party download location.
    • Couple our secure ActiveX Hosting service with the Microsoft ActiveX Installer Service and allow your non-administrator users the ability to install controls without elevating their user rights.
    • Our reporting service shows you which controls have been installed and which controls are needed by your end user community.
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  • The CodeBaseSearch Security Model
    • Identify by Microsoft as a Security Best Practice!
    • Secure delivery via 256bit SSL.
    • Clients can only install controls you approve even if they are an administrator.
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  • Access And Manage 24x7 Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Service

    • Global ActiveX Deployment Cloud Service
    • 24x7 Service Availability and Dependability
    • Anywhere and Anytime Accessibility

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  • Security Model BEST PRACTICE
  • Security Model EASY DEPLOYMENT
  • 24X7ACCESS 24x7 ACCESS